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Tools and media

A good communication strategy stands or falls with the quality of the implementation. Jenx has more than 20 years of experience in the graphics sector. We have knowledge of all common types of printing- and graphic productions. Our media planner ensures selection, planning and purchasing of the right media, such as RTV, daily and weekly press, trade journals and internet. The art is to choose the right medium and tools.

Jenx uses a tried and tested step-by-step plan when implementing a communication plan or strategy:

Step 1.

A good creative concept forms the basis. Jenx develops striking ideas and presents in plans, mood boards and / or sketches.

Step 2.

A striking idea only becomes attractive when it’s well designed. Jenx is responsible for contemporary and graphic design.

Step 3.

Only when your message reaches the recipient, there is ‘communication’. Jenx therefore selects the tools and media that your target groups reaches best with a given budget. From direct mail to advertisement, from bill board to radio commercial.

“The medium is the message” *
Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)