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About Jenx

Jenx is a communication agency for agri, food and more. Jenx advises on strategy, approach and concept. Jenx develops and executes. With a team of marketing and communication professionals, we work on challenging projects at governments, non-profit organizations and in business.

On a project basis or through secondment, Jenx contributes with communication solutions to the success of projects and organizations. Jenx has its own creative studio for the development and production of online and offline (marketing) communication tools.

Jenx distinguishes itself with the advisory process. In consultation with the client, we determine how challenges are approached, what the best strategy is and how communication can be used as a supportive process. We advise on the intersection of organization, marketing and communication. We supervise cooperation processes and monitor schedules and budgets.

Working together = communication, communication = working together!

Wherever people work together, communication is the most important part of achieving good results. Those who want to work together must be able to communicate well. Those who want to communicate well must be able to cooperate well. Herein lies the power of Jenx. Our agency understands the process and dynamics of collaborations. The projects we work on are almost always processes in which project teams, departments, administrations or workgroups have to get things started. Behind the visible communication-display hides a beautiful interaction of people. Jenx communicates!